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Mobile Wallet, Faster & More Secure

by | Dec 15, 2020 | News

Instead of fumbling with your wallet or purse in the checkout line along with your keys, you can now make purchases with the device already in your hand. Many stores now accept mobile wallets, a technology that lets customers make payments via smartphone or watch.

Mobile wallets come in different digital forms. TXDPSCU recently released Apple Pay™ and Google Pay™ for their VISA® Debit Cards.

How does Mobile Wallet work?
To get started, you will add your debit card information to either the Apple Wallet or Google Play app. Follow the prompts for step by step instructions to complete the quick and easy setup.

When it is time to make a payment, simply place your phone or smart watch by a contact-less terminal. For added security, you may be asked for put in your phone’s passcode or use your Touch or Face ID.
If you are paying online, you will see a “Pay with Apple Pay” or “Pay with Google Pay” icon and follow the steps to complete the purchase as normal.

How bank information is kept secure
Mobile wallets rely on near-field communication, or NFC, which uses a chip in the mobile device to wirelessly communicate with the merchant’s payment terminal. To keep your card information secure, rather than providing your card number, a unique number is transmitted to the merchants’ device.

Along with NFC technology, smartphones also have their own layer of protect with Touch ID, Face ID or passcodes to open the phone and utilize the Mobile Wallet. If your phone is ever lost or stolen, both Apple phones and Android phones can utilize technology to lock the phones remotely.

Unlike with a physical debit card, which could be taken and used to make fraudulent purchases before a consumer even knows the card is gone.

Get Started
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