Plan Meals to Save Money

Plan Meals to Save Money Monthly menu planning can curb food waste, improve nutrition, and save money. Imagine bringing home eight bags of groceries and throwing two straight in the trash. It sounds crazy—but Americans do it all the time. Statistics vary, but some estimates have us tossing as much as a quarter of the […]


Striving For Excellence Reward

Striving For Excellence Reward by Texas DPS Credit Union | Sep 17, 2019 | News Just as financial management skills are key for a successful future, so are the skills acquired in the classroom. We want your child to succeed in their financial journey as well as their educational journey. To encourage excellence in academics, […]


First Annual Membership Appreciation Day

First Annual Membership Appreciation Day Join Texas DPS Credit Union for our First Annual Member Appreciation Day! We want to celebrate YOU, our members! To say “thank you” for your continued loyalty and to give back to our community, we are hosting a Member Appreciation Day event on September 28th with treats, prizes, games, entertainment […]

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