Roadmap to Retirement

Tuesday, May 14th 6:30pm CT - Financial Webinar Hosted by Texas DPS Credit Union In this webinar, created specifically to address the retirement needs of Texas State Employees, you will learn How not to run out of money in retirement The available retirement options,...

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What is Regulation D?

What is Regulation D?The Regulation D instituted by the Federal Reserve requires Credit Unions, and banks, to limit the number of transactions you make from your Savings or Money Market Account per month without your physical presence being required. According to the...

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Groundbreaking Ceremony

Texas DPS Credit Union celebrated the start of building renovations with a Groundbreaking Ceremony on Friday, March 29th at 2:00 pm. Members of the Board of Directors and Advisory Board along with Cassy Sass, President/CEO donned hard hats and symbolically broke...

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Spring 2019 Newsletter

Check out our newest Texas DPS Credit Union newsletter, The Connection! Read articles about our 2019 Annual Membership Meeting, building renovations including updates on phases of renovations, Member Rewards Program and more! Click to Read: The Connection ACCOUNTS...

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Fraud Alert

Due to increased fraud activity, transactions from the following locations have been blocked for member safety.  Self-Serve Lottery Machines Transactions in the State of California Transactions in the State of Nevada If you will be traveling to the above areas, and...

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