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Credit Card

Credit Cards

No annual fees, low interest rates, secure purchasing, all with your TXDPSCU credit card. Choose the card that’s right for you.

Visa® Empower Credit Card



Your everyday credit card with a low-interest rate, empowering you to use it as you need, no strings attached.
  • No annual fees

  • No balance transfer fees

  • Rates as low as 8.99% APR*

  • Best card if you want a low-interest rate while carrying a balance

Visa® Enhanced Rewards Credit Card



The card that gives you a little bit more. Earn points when you use it and then redeem your points on merchandise, travel, cash back, and more.
  • No annual fees
  • No balance transfer fees
  • 1.5 points for every $1 you spend – redeemable through uChoose Rewards®
  • Rates as low as 12.99% APR*
  • Best card if you want to get more for spending and pay off your balance monthly

Visa® Evolve Secured Credit Card


Need to build or improve your credit? This card can help you do that.
  • No annual fees
  • No balance transfer fees
  • No credit history pulled to affect your score
  • Standard fixed rate of 14.99% APR*
  • Credit limits from $500-$5,000
  • Best card if you need some assistance building credit

All Card Holders Enjoy These Perks:

  • Contactless transactions
  • EMV Chip technology for more secure transactions
  • Mobile Wallet ready (Apple Pay ® and Google Paysupported)
  • Card support 24-hours, 7 days a week. Call 1-888-999-3307 for balance inquiries, payment information, transaction history, and more.
  • Manage your card with Online Banking
  • Fraud protection


Manage Your Card

  • Online/Mobile Banking: Access, manage, and make payments through our online banking platform or mobile banking app.
  • Online Payment Center: Make a payment online through our Online Payment Center
  • Mail a payment: Texas DPS Credit Union, P.O. Box 2711 Omaha, NE 68103-2711
  • Pay by phone: 1-888-999-3307


Report a Lost or Stolen Credit Card Immediately: 1-888-999-3307
Credit Card Agreement and Disclosure

uChoose Rewards®


Debt Protection


Not sure if a rewards card is right for you?

Read this article for tips on what card may be a good fit for your lifestyle. 

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