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Mobile Wallet – The Fast, Easy & Secure Way to Pay

by | Jan 4, 2021 | News

In the new world of contactless pickup and delivery, you now have the option for a contactless, secure way to pay. All you need is your TXDPSCU debit card and your smart phone!

How does Mobile Wallet work?

To get started, you will add your debit card information to either the Apple Wallet or Google Play app. Follow the prompts for step by step instructions to complete the quick and easy setup.

When it is time to make a payment, simply place your phone or smart watch by a contact-less terminal. For added security, you may be asked for put in your phone’s passcode or use your Touch or Face ID.

If you are paying online, you will see a “Pay with Apple Pay” or “Pay with Google Pay” icon and follow the steps to complete the purchase as normal.

Benefits of Mobile Wallet

       • Contactless – with health and safety at the top of everyone’s list, Mobile Wallet allows you to make payments without touching a keypad.
       • Fast – no longer do you need to fumble for your cards, just use the phone already in your hand!
       • Widely Accepted – shop at thousands of participating retailers in person and online
       • Secure – Card numbers are never given to merchants. A unique number is transmitted when completing transactions

Ready to check out this fast, secure way to pay? Get Started

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