Benefits of Holiday Savings

Benefits of Holiday Savings Watch your money grow year round! Our Holiday Savings Account is a special savings product that makes it easier to save money throughout the year for your next big purchase, vacation or holiday shopping! Start saving now & avoid the holiday stress later! Why Open a Holiday Savings Account? Automating your savings […]


Striving For Excellence Reward

Striving For Excellence Reward by Texas DPS Credit Union | Sep 17, 2019 | News Just as financial management skills are key for a successful future, so are the skills acquired in the classroom. We want your child to succeed in their financial journey as well as their educational journey. To encourage excellence in academics, […]


Credit vs. Debit

Credit vs. Debit We’ve all done it. We’re out shopping, ready to use our debit cards, and the sales clerk asks “debit or credit?” We really don’t know what the difference is. It is a debit card, so we say “debit,” right? Wrong. So save your PIN for ATM use and say “credit” when you’re […]


Money Market Account

Money Market Account by Texas DPS Credit Union | Feb 20, 2019 | News What is a Money Market Account?A money market account is a savings account that typically pays higher interest rates than a regular savings account plus, gives you limited check-writing abilities.What does this mean? It means your money is working hard for […]


Special 18-Month CD

Special 18-Month CD Offer expired June 2, 2019Lock in your rate of 2.25% APY* for 18 months with this special certificates of deposit rate! Because Texas DPS Credit Union is member focused, we offer rates that are competitive with other financial institutions. Open your CD with a minimum of $500 and watch your money grow […]

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