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Striving For Excellence Reward

by | Sep 17, 2019 | News

Just as financial management skills are key for a successful future, so are the skills acquired in the classroom. We want your child to succeed in their financial journey as well as their educational journey.

To encourage excellence in academics, we have put in place an incentive for your child to achieve all A’s in their core academic classes.

For every A your child receives in Math, Science, English and History, $2.00 will be deposited into their youth membership savings accounts, totaling up to $8.00 per report card.

Help your child learn the key financial skills they need with a youth savings and checking account, as well as encouraging their success in their education. Contact for more details or to submit your child’s report cards.

Striving for Excellence Reward eligibility requirements may change without notice. Report Cards must be submitted to TXDPSCU in the month they were received.

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