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Celebrating 70 Years of Serving Those Who Serve Others

by | Apr 23, 2024 | Events

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​As we commemorate 70 years of service to DPS employees, their families, and our community, we pause and reflect on the journey that brought us here. DPS employee, Fritz Christian was aware of the difficulties experienced by department employees trying to borrow money when they had little more than a steady paycheck for collateral. While the big banks could’ve been an option, Christian believed that a credit union was needed for DPS and should serve its members financial needs while providing personal service. That’s when Texas DPS Credit Union began!


Let’s take a look through our history:


1954: Texas DPS Credit Union was founded, with the guiding principle to serve the employees and family members of the Texas Department of Public Safety. DPS Employee, Mr. Fritz Christian, who was then elected as Board Treasurer, was successful in finding ten fellow DPS employees to join him, depositing a total of $50 and thus TXDPSCU was formed. On July 16, 1954, the State Banking Department officially issued Charter #412 to the Texas DPS Credit Union. The first office of the credit union was in a converted cigar box in the desk drawer of Christian at the DPS headquarters on North Lamar in Austin, TX. On July 21, 1954, the first officials were elected. Credit Union assets totaled $101.45 on July 31 of that year, and by the end of 1954, assets had risen to nearly $10,000.

1959: The first full-time manager was hired to the credit union.

1960: Odell Dancak was appointed as Texas DPS Credit Unions first President & CEO. That year, the credit union converted from hand to machine posting of accounts.

1976: When the credit union started, it only offered regular savings and closed-end loans to its membership. It was not until 1976 that the credit union offered open-ended loans to the members.

1980: Assets grew to over $10 million, and membership hit over 5,000. This year, the board approved offering share draft accounts and direct deposit.

1986: July marked the date the staff and credit union members had long awaited with the move into the new office at 621 W. St Johns Ave.

1990: President Odell Dancak retired, and Dean Doggett was appointed TXDPSCU President & CEO.

1994: President Dean Doggett retired in April, and Michael Riepen was appointed TXDPSCU President & CEO.

1998: The first credit union website was created for members to get current interest rates for deposit and loan accounts, complete and print loan applications and find other useful and general information about the credit union.

2004: Membership expanded to include people who lived or worked within 10 miles of the credit union.

2006: Texas DPS Credit Union began sponsoring the awards presented to outstanding members of the DPS Recruit Classes. In addition to a beautiful plaque, the credit union presented the award winners with a $1,500 check. Major Ratliff’s family presented the first Major James 0. Ratliff Award for Outstanding Performance to Trooper Caleb A. Williams, Recruit School A-2006.

2007: Board Chairman Bob Gadberry retired from credit union service after 20 years. He was one of the longest serving board chairmen in the credit union’s history and still serves as an Advisor of the Board of Directors.

2012: Credit union assets grew to over $63 million.

2016: Cassy Sass was appointed TXDPSCU President & CEO.

2017: A new low fixed-rate credit card was introduced to members.

2018: TXDPSCU launched their mobile app, enabling members to access their money on the go from anywhere.

2019: The credit union completed a rebrand initiative, adjusting the colors and logo of the credit union to align with the vision to Educate, Enhance, and Empower our members through their financial lives. The credit union also introduced new products including Home Equity Loan, Enhanced Savings Account with Member Rewards, and Holiday Savings Accounts.

2020: In 2020, the building renovation project was complete, and we welcomed our members to a fresh new look at 621 W. St. Johns Ave. Technology enhancements were made with the implementation of digital payment options (Google/Apple Pay), enhanced Online Banking and Bill Pay services, and internal and external transfer options.

2022: This year marked a milestone for the credit union, ending the year with over $105.9 million in assets. 2022 was the first year the credit union has seen assets grow to over $100 million. It also was a year of technological enhancements, including online account opening capability, introducing a Personal Line of Credit offering, enhancements to our online banking platform, and 24-hour web-based loan payment options.

2023: A continued focus on technology and product enhancements, the credit union introduced a new Rewards Credit Card, Card Management functionality within the mobile banking app to track spending and increase card security, and the ability for members to add accounts to their existing membership through Online Banking.

Today, we continue to live out our purpose with one goal in mind. To work in the best interest of our members and provide value across the gamut of financial needs. Thank you for your continued loyalty to Texas DPS Credit Union, and cheers to 70 years of outstanding service!

“Entering 2024, we are not just embracing another year,” said Cassy Sass, Texas DPS Credit Union President/CEO. “This year we are celebrating a significant milestone in our journey – the 70th anniversary of Texas DPS Credit Union! It’s a momentous occasion that fills me with pride as I reflect on the unwavering commitment of our founders, staff, and volunteers, and the remarkable impact we’ve had on the lives of our members throughout the state of Texas.

TXDPSCU has always been more than just a financial institution; we are your financial partner, a source of support, and an organization that truly cares about you and your family. Our vision: To educate, enhance, and empower is an unwavering belief that guides us each day as we walk with you through the stages of your life. As we embark on this milestone year, we renew our dedication to serving you and this community and look forward to the future and what’s yet to come!”

Whether you’ve been a member since the first day we opened our doors or have recently joined, we appreciate you choosing us as your financial partner. Thank you from all of us at TXDPSCU!


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