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The Benefits of Having a Checking Account

by | Feb 22, 2024 | Education

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Checking accounts offer a secure, accessible place for your funds. If you are considering opening a checking account at Texas DPS Credit Union, or you already have one, here’s what you need to know about this account’s benefits and how to best manage it.

Easy access to your funds

You can withdraw funds from your checking account at Texas DPS Credit Union, get cash from an ATM or transfer funds to another account. You can also use your debit card to pay for purchases using funds in the account. Finally, you can write a paper check, and the written amount will be withdrawn from your account when the check is deposited.

Minimal balance requirements 

Checking accounts tend to have very low minimum balance requirements. At Texas DPS Credit Union, you can open a checking account with just $25 and we have no minimum balance requirements.

Low or no maintenance fees 

Checking accounts at banks may have monthly fees, while credit unions tend to have lower, or no monthly fees. Texas DPS Credit Union checking accounts have no fees! 

Easy bill-pay

Texas DPS Credit Union offers a mobile banking app and website. Use the payment dashboard on this platform to pay your monthly bills directly from your checking account.

Convenient account management

Use the Texas DPS Credit Union mobile banking app or website to access your account, view your balance, deposit checks remotely, review recent transactions, transfer funds to another account, and more.


Credit unions have protection through the National Credit Union Association. Texas DPS Credit Union is insured by both the National Credit Union Association and the Excess Share Insurance. The NCUA insures you for up to $250,000 and ESI insures you another $250,000 for a total of up to $500,000 insurance on your funds at TXDSPCU.

Managing your checking account 

Managing a checking account is easy. First, always know your balance to avoid an account. Simply use the TXDPSCU Mobile App and set up balance alerts to stay on top of your balance. Next, automate by setting up automatic bill payments. Finally, keep your account funded with 1-2 months of living expenses to ensure you have enough funds to cover your through your TXDPSCU Checking Account.


If you don’t already have a TXDPSCU Checking Account, you can open yours in just five minutes here:


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