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Introducing a New Credit Card Experience with Visa

by | Sep 9, 2022 | News

Texas DPS Credit Union (TXDPSCU) is excited to announce that our Credit Card portfolio has officially moved to Visa. We’re excited to bring our credit card holders contactless payment capability (coming soon, the use of mobile wallet), a smoother way to make payments with integration into the TXDPSCU Online Banking platform, enhanced security to continue to help protect against fraud, and a 24/7 cardholder service line for any inquiry you may have.

Along with these enhancements, our cards also have no annual fees, no balance transfer fees, and low interest rates starting at 8.99% APR*.

“Our goal with our new Visa credit card is to offer an enhanced member experience with ease of use and card management,” said TXDPSCU President/CEO, Cassy Sass. “This conversion will also allow us to bring additional card offerings for our members in the future!”

There are a few new card options available depending on your needs:

  • Visa Empower Card: Your everyday credit card with a low-interest rate, empowering you to use it as you need, no strings attached.
  • Visa Evolve Secured Card: The card to get if you need to build or improve your credit.
  • COMING SOON: Visa Enhanced Rewards Card: The card that gives you a little bit more. Earn points when you use it to redeem on travel, merchandise, and more.

Want to learn more about our new credit cards? Visit for more information and to apply today.


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