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FAQ: Credit Card Changes

by | Jul 8, 2021 | News

Texas DPS Credit Union is migrating our MasterCard credit card payment platform from GoToMyCard to eZCard.

The last day to access GoToMyCard website is 7/9/2021 at 5 p.m. EST. Beginning on 7/12/2021, you may register, view your account, enroll in electronic statements and make payments through If you have any future dated payments set after 7/9/2021,  you will need to contact us to establish the payment on

Please read below for frequently asked questions.

Q: Will I be required to register for eZCard?

A: Yes, there will be a secure card registration process for you to establish access. You will need to register to access this website going forward.

Q: Will eZCard have the same features?

A: Yes, eZCard will have all the same features as GoToMyCard.

Q: If I have a payment set up in GoToMyCard for a date after 7/9 do I need to take action?

A: If you have future dated payments set after 7/9/2021, you will need to contact us to establish the payment on

Q: If I am set up for Autopay will I have to re-enroll in auto pay on eZCard?

A: If you previously set up auto pay elections on your account, you do not need to re-enter them. However, you will not see them in your account. If you wish to manage your auto pay elections going forward in eZCard, please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

Q: If I had enrolled in Alerts through GoToMyCard, will my alert settings migrate to the eZCard?

A: No, alert settings will not be migrated. Upon registering for eZCard you will need to re-establish the alerts. The same options will be available to sign up for.

Q: Can I still download transactions?

A: Yes, eZCard allows you to download transactions as you do today. File types supported are Quickbooks, Quicken, comma delimited (.csv) and tab delimited (.tab).

Q: Will transaction history and statements migrate over to eZCard?

A: On Monday 7/12/2021 you will be able to see the prior 18 months of transaction history online and 12 months of pdf statements will become available within 2 weeks later.

Features of eZCard

The eZCard website has all the same features as GoToMyCard plus more!


  • Lock and Unlock your credit card if you lose it.
  • Activate your credit card.
  • Set up account alerts.
  • Dispute charges.
  • Set up paperless options.
  • Process balance transfers.
  • Set up one-time or reoccurring ACH payments.


Important Phone Numbers


  • Card Activation: 833-541-0770
  • Lost Stolen: 833-541-0777
  • Customer Service: 833-541-0763
  • eZCard: 866-604-0380
  • Dispute: 800-600-5249
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