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Save Money & Still Enjoy Halloween in Style

by | Oct 7, 2020 | News

Halloween is fast approaching and you might be wondering, how can I still enjoy Halloween in style without breaking the bank?

According to a the National Retail Federation, Americans plan to spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $8 billion on Halloween this year. That means the average American will drop about $92 on the holiday. Don’t let this scare you away from enjoying the holiday – check out these money saving tips!

  1. Costumes – instead of buying a brand new costume or attempting to sew your own, turn finding a costume into a family game! Check out your local consignment stores to find new to you costumes or materials to piece together a great outfit. Don’t forget to ask your friend and family if they have costumes that have been outgrown by their kids.
  2. Decorations – decorations can add up fast. To make your money stretch further, go to the dollar store to find great deals. To save money year after year, store your decorations in a reusable tub to keep them look fresh year after year.
  3. Candy – candy is one of the major parts of Halloween so how do you stay on budget? Skip the full candy bars and opt for budget friendly candy such as suckers or bulk assorted candy.
  4. Pumpkins – save money by buying your pumpkins at a local grocery store rather than a pumpkin patch. These decorations, though fun to have, are perishable.
  5. Family Traditions – start a family tradition like baking Halloween treats, doing a family costume photoshoot or going on a fall hike.

Following these five easy tips will help you have a budget friendly Halloween that the whole family can enjoy!

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