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2022 Escheatment Announcement

by | Jul 1, 2022 | News

The state of Texas, through escheat laws, mandates that financial institutions surrender inactive accounts over to the State Treasury. Inactive accounts are accounts that have had no activity for the last 3 years. Dividends do not count as transactions. The state requires that we close the account and send the funds to the Unclaimed Property Division of the Texas State Comptroller’s office by July 1. If your membership was escheated, you can contact the state by visiting to retrieve your funds.

We value your membership and recommend that you contact us at least once a year or perform some form of financial transaction to keep your membership active. If your mailing address, email address and phone numbers are kept up to date, we will make necessary attempts to reach out to you before the membership is closed. We also recommend keeping family members accounts that you may be joint on active as well.


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