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Fee Schedule

Effective February 1, 2021

Compare our fees with other institutions and you will find that in most cases we have fewer and lower fees than most other institutions. Texas DPS Credit Union is committed to serving our members in both a sound and affordable manner.


Account closure within 90 days of opening$10.00
Inactivity (no activity in 90 days)$5.00/month
Returned Mail / Bad Address$5.00/month
Garnishment / Levy$50.00/per request, plus attorney fees
Holiday Savings Account Early Withdrawal$10.00/each (2nd withdrawal closes account)
Overnight Delivery (Standard Envelope)$5.00 each
Notary service for membersFree
Notary service for non-members$6.00
Account Renumber (waived if fraud or ID theft involved)$10.00
Simply Checking/Youth CheckingFree
Evolve Checking$5.00/month
Savings Excess Withdrawal (after 6 withdrawals per month)$5.00/ per transaction
Verification of Deposit$10.00
Transfer of Funds via Call Center$2.00 each
Balance Inquiry via Call Center$1.00 each after the first 2
Automatic Overdraft Transfer (from Savings)$5.00 each
Document Preparation for Private Party Collateral Loans$300.00
Internal Refinance (waived when adding $2500 or more to unsecured loans)$150.00
Skip A Pay$25.00
Loan Modification$35.00
Loan Late Payment$15 or 5% of payment due, whichever is greater
ACH Origination One-time Loan Payment $10.00
Recurring ACH loan payment set-up
Express Relief Loan Application Fee$20.00
Plastic Card Services
Plastic Rush Service (debit or credit card)$100.00
Debit or Credit Card Replacement (non-fraud)$10.00 each
Temporary Card (debit card only)$10.00 each
Cash advance (in-branch terminal) for Member, non-TXDPSCU card$5.00
Cash advance (in-branch terminal) for non-member$15.00
Late Payment Credit Card$25.00
Credit Card Balance Transfer1% of balance or $5 (whichever is greater)
Foreign Transaction1% of transaction
ATM Off-Premise Transaction (Includes CO-OP ATM Network)$1.00/transaction
Alliance of Austin ATM'sFree
Gift Card$4.00 plus load amount
Research/Copy Services
Check Copy$2.00/item
Statement Copies$1.00/page
Account Print Out$2.00/each
General Copies or Fax Copies$0.50/per page
Account research / reconciliation (minimum 1/2 hour)$25.00/hr
Paper Statement (Primary Member 60 years and older exempt)$2.00
Return Item and Stop Pay
Non-Sufficient Funds (Checks, ACH, ACH Loan Payments)$32.00/item
Overdraft Privilege Pay Item$32.00/item
Returned Bill-Pay Item$32.00/item
Returned One-Party Deposit Item$32.00/item
Returned Two-Party Deposit Item$10.00/item
Stop Payments$25.00.00/item
Negotiable Instruments and Wire Transfers
Cashier's Check (Made payable to another party)$5.00/each
Temporary Checks$2.00 per sheet of four
Outgoing Wire Domestic$20.00/each
Returned Wire$50.00
Cashing ON-US Check - Non-member$5.00/each
Check Cashing - Non-member (state/govt checks only)$5.00/each
Coin Machine - Non-member3% of total
Drive-Thru Canister Replacement$50.00
Collection Item$25.00
Online Banking/Mobile BankingFree
Online Bill Pay (Unlimited Transactions including A2A)$2.00/month
Mobile Deposit/Mobile WalletFree
Automated Teller Line$0.25 per call after the first 15
Safety Deposit Box Services
Safety Deposit Box Rentals3x5 Box $15.00/yr
5x5 Box $25.00/yr
3x10 Box $30.00/yr
5x10 Box $40.00/yr
10x10 Box $65.00/yr
Safety Deposit Box Drilling$50.00 plus locksmith fee
Safety Deposit Box Key Replacement$110.00
Safety Deposit Box Late Payment$7.50
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