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Switch Kit

Switching to Texas DPS Credit Union is Easy

Simply follow the 5 easy steps listed below to move your account to Texas DPS Credit Union.


1. Open an Account with us!
Contact us or stop by to open your account.


2. Change your Direct Deposits
Notify those who directly deposit money into your account of your account change. (i.e. – employer, Social Security Administration, pension/retirement, etc.) Remember to include a deposit receipt or a voided check. Click here to fill out and print a Direct Deposit form.


3. Change your Automatic Payments / Withdrawals
Notify those who directly debit / withdraw payments from your account to now draw from your new TXDPSCU account. Don’t forget to also change recurring payments made through your debit card.


4. Determine How Much to Leave in Old Account to Cover Pending Transactions
Make sure to leave enough funds in your old account to cover final pending/outstanding transactions before you completely close out your old account. Leave some money in this account for about one month then when everything has cleared, move to step 5 (closing your old account).


5. Once Steps 1-4 are Complete, Close Your Old Account
Once all the final transactions have cleared your old account and all direct deposits, as well as automatic payments/withdrawals, have been transferred to your new Texas DPS Credit Union account, you may then close out your old account!

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