Know the estimated value of a vehicle!


This will help you in both the trade-in process, as well as the purchase process.


NADA Guides assists both the consumer and lender by providing accurate vehicle pricing and information during their research and decision-making process. Texas DPS Credit Union looks to NADA Guides when determining the value on used car loans.


Check out NADA Guides

Get a Loan Rate Discount!
There are many ways to receive a discount when applying for a Texas DPS Credit Union loan. One of the easiest ways to knock down your rate is by applying for you loan online today. More >>
Guaranteed Asset Protection
Accidents happen and with GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) you can rest assured if an accident does occur then the gap between what your car is worth and how much you owe is covered.
Automatic Payments
Never worry again about forgetting to make a payment on you credit union loan on-time. Automatically withdraw your payment each month so there will be one last item to have to remember.
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